Why Purchase drinking water when you can have it for FREE ?

Did you know that even the cleanest-looking water isn’t necessarily the healthiest? Do you think bottled water is pure and safe? From purification, to storage to actual consumption, does your water remain healthy and pure? The answer is no, and the solution is finally found.

Launched in 2003, Waterex OFFSHORE S.A.L manufactures and produces different water purification devices in order to provide individuals a safe and healthy lifestyle.

These devices filter and purify tap water, using five different filtration stages including RO membranes and UV Light.


About Our Company

We provide you water in its best form ever. Unlike ordinary water purifiers, our devices store the purified water in a stainless steel tank which prevents formation of bacteria inside.

Waterex is dedicated to bringing the most valuable solutions and providing the best customer experience. With the help of our distributors, we expanded in more than 45 countries, and with hearts set on continuous success, our accomplishments follow.

Experience purity, convenience, and a lifetime of care, with Waterex water purification devices series.