It has identical features as Crystello, just a different size.

It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.

  • Instant supply of Hot and Cold water

  •  Water tank storage capacity that supplies approximately 18 liters

  •  Water free from chemicals, chlorine and odors

  • Digital touch screen that indicates water temperature, water pressure, available water quantity, filters & UV lamp status

  •  Microcomputer control to ensure optimal performance

  •  Floor standing model to fit anywhere

  • Unit can be place in your home , office or chalet

  • Water tastes delicious

  •  No empty or full bottles required anymore

Power Supply AC 110 or 220V / 50 or 60Hz
Power Rate (Cold) 125W / (Hot) 675W
Water Purifier Type Reverse Osmosis
Production Rate 50 GPD or 75 GPD or 100 GPD
Cold water Temperature Above 4°C
Hot water Temperature Below 94°C
Refrigeration type Compressor Cooling
Display LCD Touch Screen
Water purification system PP / Sediment Filter / Pre Carbon Filter / Resin filter/ Post Carbon Filter / RO + 2 UV lamps
Dimensions 45(W) x 43(D) x 122(H) cm
Safety Device Over heat prevention
Color White
Weight 33 Kg
Filtration steps Eight
Capacity Eighteen liters


pamello-unitPamello is the floor standing version of a computerized and digitized Hot and Cold Water Purifier. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen or at the office. It has 8 Filtration stages and provides constant supply of pure and fresh Hot or Cold water. Pamello’s water tank storage capacity supplies approximately eighteen liters.

pamello-filtersPP Filter

Effectively removes rust, lime and other solid precipitates.

Sediment Filter

Removes sediments thus preventing their accumulation in the bottom of the tank.

CTO Filter

Absorbs odor, chlorine and organic chemical contaminants

RO Filter

Removes dissolved impurities and filters the water up to 0.001 micron.

2 UV Lamps

Eliminate bacteria and viruses

Carbon coated with silver Filter

Sterilizes and deodorizes the water.

The purified water is stored in a stainless steel tank and then divided between two other tanks, one for the hot water and the other for the cold water.

Pamello can store up to 18 liters.