Crystello US


The wall mounted water purifier

Why Purchase drinking water when you can have it for FREE ?

Did you know that even the cleanest-looking water isn’t necessarily the healthiest? Do you think bottled water is pure and safe?

The answer is no, and the solution is right here.


– Wall Mounted design – easy to place, save space
– Convenient easy installation
– Energy saving
– Unique twist design for filters
– Auto Flush function
– Multi Stage Filtration system
– Easy operation and maintenance

– No empty or full bottles required anymore.

Voltage 220 V
Power 30 W
Weight 12 Kg
Capacity 3.2 G steel – 15 liters
Material Plastic
Dimensions (the box and water tank) 47(H)*55(W)*41(D) cm
Filtration Capacity 50 GPD – 75 GPD – 100 GPD – 120 GPD


“Crystello US” is the Wall Mounted water purifier. You can easily connect it to your tap and get pure healthy drinking water on the go!

It has six stages of filtration including RO Membrane. Compact sized to be placed anywhere in the kitchen (under the counter, over the counter or wall mounted).

6 Filtration Stages - 4 Filters , RO membrane & UV lamp

Crystello US removes dissolved impurities, deactivates virus and bacteria, while retaining the natural taste and minerals of water.

            The six stages of filtration are:


  1. PFF Filter

            Dirt and sand reduction

  1. CTO Filter

           Absorbs odor, chlorine and organic chemical contaminants

  1. Block Carbon Filter

            Removes remaining organics, chlorine, odor and turbidity

  1. RO membrane

           Removes bacteria, heavy metals dissolved matter and salinity

  1. Inline Carbon filter

           Adjusts the taste of treated water

  1.   UV Lamp

                 Eliminates bacteria and viruses



After going through all six stages, the purified water is stored in a stainless steel tank that supplies approximately 15 liters of water.